Maternal Cushion

Our maternal cushion will be the mother's best companion during the nine months of pregnancy. Back and belly support to sit without pain. Perfect to pass between the legs and support the belly to sleep more relaxed. Once the baby is born it can be used as a lactation cushion.

Cushion heat natural

Change the hand bracelet each time you give a breast and you will know which one touches the next time. Elastic for comfort. Elaborated with sterling silver and natural minerals that in addition to being very colorful they contribute the benefits of each stone. Can be personalized with the name of the baby or babies.

Maternal Bracelet

We have heat cushions made with natural materials to relieve mastitis and seed cushions for contractures and headaches. Dry heat is perfect for relieving contractures and muscle loads. Our seed cushions can also be cooled and used for headaches and bumps.


We smile at life making accessories for moms that combine with the clothes we make for the children of the house and also look great.